2019/2020 CS Seminars

The seminars are usually on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm, Merchant Venturers Building 0.3. For other CS-related seminars organised by research groups see here.

May – Alberto Bernacchia (MediaTek/University of Cambridge)


18 Mar – Edward Johns (Imperial College London)


TBA – Sabine Hauert (University of Bristol)


29 Jan – Chloe Martindale (University of Bristol)


22 Jan – Francois Dupressoir (University of Bristol)

Machine-Checked Proofs for Cryptographic Standards

Dec – Oussama Metala (University of Bristol)



2018/2019 Seminars

The seminars are usually on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm, 3.44 Merchant Venturers Building.

15 May – Scott Griffiths (Graphcore, UK)

Why Do We Need New Hardware & Software for Machine Intelligence?

8 May – Joint CS/CNU/ISL seminar: Luigi Acerbi (University of Geneva/International Brain Lab, Switzerland)

Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo

Luigi also gave a tutorial on optimization, model fitting, and model comparison

1 May – Song Liu (University of Bristol)

Fisher Efficient Inference of Intractable Models

3 April – Christian Konrad (University of Bristol)

Streaming Algorithms for Matchings in Massive Graphs

27 March – Cian O’Donnell (University of Bristol)

Quantifying Big Neural Data

20 March – Rui Ponte Costa (University of Bristol)

Does the Brain Backprop?

13 March – Gaurav Malhotra (University of Bristol)

Shape and relations in human vision and convolutional neural networks

13 Fev – MC Schraefel (University of Southampton)

How do you feel?

An introduction to Inbodied Interaction in the quest to #makeNormalBetter

12 Dec – Catherine Holloway (University College London)

5 Dec – Thomas Pasquier (University of Bristol)

Towards a provenance-based intrusion detection system

28 Nov – Song Liu (University of Bristol)

Learning with (from) Adversarials

14 Nov – Hridesh Rajan (Iowa State University)

Software as Data: Harnessing Big Data in Open Source for Data-driven Software Engineering